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Boditronics was set up as a result of many years of research and development to bring you, the customer, state of the art, high technology solutions engineered to help you achieve the fitness and physique goals you desire. They assembled as part of our team some of the most experienced design and manufacturing people in the sports nutrition industry to bring you products that are of impeccable quality, flavour and engineered with the very latest technology to deliver real results, not hype. They use only the finest ingredients that are covered by our stringent quality controls and that are research-proven to deliver results.

They also recognise that a fit body should be a healthy body. Therefore we have made our products as natural as possible excluding artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Acesulfame –k and including only natural colours and flavourings. Many of their products also include pre and probiotics to promote digestive and gut health.

All of their products are produced in an ISO2200 and INFORMED SPORTS accredited facility. They are also backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee of Quality, Purity and Taste.

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Toidulisandid: BODITRONICS - BODITRONICS Shaker - 750ml

BODITRONICS Shaker - 750ml

The brand new Boditronics 700ml shaker is now available...

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